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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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november in cleveland tells you something, right? the temperatures, yes, they will really warm up as the afternoon goes on. this is setting the stage for a beautiful, beautiful day. temperatures right now are in the 40s. still on the chilly side, but check out what happens from the morning to mid afternoon to evening. look at the numbers. in the 70s today for everybody. a mix of clouds and sunshine. the only fly in the ointment, as they say, a that may help the tribe as it pushes things out to center field. we will talk about the game time forecast a little more in a bit. if your commute takes you from 77 to 271, no issues. we should be clocking in in a 8 minute commute. 61 miles per hour. people are going about the speed limit right there. other drive times looking good as well. haven't seen any delays as of yet.
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in philadelphia, buses, trolleys and subways are all shot down at unioners were not able to agree on a contract. schools are remaining open this morning in philly, but they are expecting late arrivals, kristin. this morning we are learning one person has died and five hurt after an explosion along the coalian pipeline in alabama. you can see the intense flames shot into the sky yesterday. the blast happened about a mile
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leaked last month. that caused a gasoline shortage all over the south. exactly one week to go until election day and we are learning the fbi is using special technology to sort through the new batch of emails from hillary clinton's top aide. they are sifting through the thousands of newly discovered emails to isolate those relevant to the clinton investigation. they will be part of a classified investigates, a process th -- investigation, a process that likely won't be resolved until after the election. and wikileaks saying a team was leaked to clinton the day before the primary debate clinton and sandusky. cnn denies brazil had access to the questions. she no longer works for cnn. an 18-year-old woman says she was turned away from early
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she said she wasn't allowed to vote with a sweatshirt that says chwc. she says it is part of hur catholic heart work camp and has nothing to do with hillary clinton. and this next story getting a lot of attention on social media. your gender and race may influence your uber or lyft driver. boston are more than twice as likely to cancel rides of passengers who had quote african-american sounding names. black riders waited 30% longer for a ride. the study also found drivers took female passengers for longer, more expensive rides. it is 5:14. david letterman's check in with meteorologist -- let's check in with meteorologist jd rudd. >> good morning.
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maybe your bellies are full from the trick-or-treat candy last night. here is the temperature timeline. cool this morning but things will really warm up this afternoon, highs with temperatures in the 70s. we get a bonus day again tomorrow with more sunshine and 70s. the clouds will thicken up as the day goes on then it changes, but let's not get ahead of our ourselves and enjoy what is going on for the time being. if you have good weather photos here is the satellite and radar. cloud cover across the area right now and rain showers to the north-northwest. those are not coming in today. we have a dry forecast in store for today and tomorrow. temperatures right now in the 40s and low 50s as you wake up. 51 in mansfield right now with a south wind at around 10 miles per hour. we check out the weather bug network. a few closer inspections of a couple of the locations like mentor is 49.
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43 at the catholic school there. as far as things go for the forecast today, hour-by-hour, how can you argue with this? we are playing baseball on the first day of november and we have temperatures in the 70s, a south wind today around 10 to 20 miles per hour that will help push things out to center field tonight. we will see if that impacts the home runs hit at progressive tonight. here is the forecast during the game. temperatures will be in the 60s. not terribly cold at all. no rain today. a small chance a better chance for rain comes up on thursday as a cold front starts to nose its way in. again, this is for thursday mainly between the early morning and afternoon. there may be pockets of heavy rain and the temperatures will fall on thursday as the front gross through, as well. kristin -- goes through, as well. kristin? all right, jd. let's check the highways. four different camera shots along 76 showing light traffic
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let's head to the mans and check on what we are looking at. maybe slow spots, cars going under the speed limit. no accidents. the akron area checking in fine. starting tomorrow getting you prepared to this. ledge road every now and then gets closed under 271. this one goes until november 9th. remember, today at noon until 2:00 a.m. we have the parking restrictions downtown around the q and progressive field because of the game tonight. follow me on twitter for the details. let's check in with corrina pysa, though now, in the middle of all the action live at progressive field. >> reporter: good morning kristin and cleveland. let me tell you, we are off to a chilly start but we are in for a beautiful day for baseball. game six of the world series tonight here at progressive field. we have not solved the mystery of who will be throwing out the first pitch. we do know who will be handing them the ball.
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cetta shepherd of north ridgeville. the morning journal reporting the elyria high school grad will deliver the ball to the legends on the mound. she was picked because of her involvement with the lorain county boys & girl's club and won the award for the entire state of ohio youth club. a cl company trying to help the indians manager terry francona with his stress level. they sent him a world series ice cream is your vial kit. remember he said -- survival kit. remember he, he said he could not sleep because he was so excited. well, pierre's sent him 32
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the ratings for the game was better than the coy bios eagles game on sunday night football, huge, the first time in three years a world series game topped sunday night football. it with us the best rating for any baseball game in the last five years. so, so much attention our tribe is getting. it is great to see. let's hope they can win it all here tonight. terrence and kristin? >> we will. le claim it. >> put it in the universe. >> exactly. all right, folks. put the cookies down. oreo recalling some of its cookies. we will break it down for you. >> and a wild police chase leading to a crazy crash in texas. when police opened the driver door it was not who they were expecting to see. you are watching morning right
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good morning, northeast ohio. we have new video at 5:22. this is video of a mom dropping her baby while she was trying to steal from a dollar store in pennsylvania. she was stuffing items into a diaper bag in the car seat carrier. the kid fell out of the shopping cart as the woman was confronted by the store employee outside. the woman picked the baby up and kept going. the wreckage of a police
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police say a 12-year-old boy that may have been knocked was behind the wheel. we are -- intoxicated was behind the wheel. he was swerving in and out of traffic when cops tried to stop him. he sped into a car and was finally stopped by a pole. no word yet on injuries or possible charges. here is jd. good morning. give you a live look. there it is, progressive field. there could be a big time party on that field in the next 24 hours! there will be. let's call it. right? why not. game 6 done and over the seven- day forecast, enjoy the next couple days. this is good winning the world series weather. 76 today and tomorrow. rain most likely on thursday. a little downhill from there. 53 on friday. hey, looks, a small rebound
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the browns game dry and cool. kristin? >> thank you, jd. i was calling the game already. the highways look good and so does the shoreway. the downtown area, talking about parking restrictions, everything in the red around progressive field. you cannot park from noon to 2nd baseman a.m. the list is on twitter and facebook. west hurons between carnegie and superior is restriction area. we are seeing no trouble on the highways. great news for the city of akron this morning. our partners at the crock beacon journal reporting the state is giving $12 million to help replace the route 8 bridge. the odot project is scheduled to start in 2020. terrence, to you. here is the recall we were talking about. two oreo products are being pull from the shelves.
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the company says the snacks are manufactured on equipment that processes milk but milk is not listed among the ingredients for the cookies. there is a report of an allegic reaction, too. trending today, halloween is over. it is time to start thinking christmas, right? new york city is ready to start sprucing up for christmas, specifically with this norway spruce, picked to the 2016 rockefeller center christmas tree. w 10th and brought to the big apple november 12th to be wrapped in more than 50,000 multicolor l.e.d. lights. kristin? >> it is awesome. >> will you have that many on your tree? >> hello, if you been to my house? yes! [ laughing ] well, it is 5:25. if you are coming downtown tonight, you better hope you don't get tired.
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plus, bill cosby heads to court. the medical defense his lawyers are using to try to dismiss charges he faces. as we head to break, here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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good tribes. indians taking it this time, one win away. >> i think they will do it. >> the indians back in cleveland with fans ready to cheer them to vic interest i. >> we are ready! >> the tribe's unlikely post season heros taking the mound again tonight. looking to become mr. november! >> and we have a chance of winning a world series. he won't beat himself, he surviving member of the indians '48 championship team watching from the stands. >> yes. our city will be the center of the sport's world again tonight again tonight as the world series returns to cleveland. we have team coverage all morning long with corrina pysa and meg shaw live at progressive field but first we need to discuss the all- important game six forecast with meteorologist jd rudd.
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it is shaping up to be beautiful for the first day of november. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. we are seeing new temperatures rolling in, 51 in mansfield already, 45 in akron and 48 in cleveland. a little on the chilly side this morning through the lunch hour today. look at this jump, close to 70 degrees. by 5:00 we are talking middle 70s. 60s all during the game tonight. that is not bad. like tomorrow's forecast. more on that in a couple minutes. >> thank you, jd. still accident-free in the akron area. you look great. a ramp closure on arlington road to 77 northbound will be happening through wednesday. we are used to it by now. 77 north and southbound between 241 and killian is going on a little longer through the middle of this month. the lane restrictions in place, the same timeframe, 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
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highways. traffic is light but right here at 71 and badgley looking busier than we did 25 minutes ago. we will get another check in a few minutes, especially the drive-times. >> it is pretty cool seeing the fans and how the city gets behind the team. >> back home the indians are hoping to win a world series title on our own turf. city will be. remember when the cast won their tight until california and the tribes won all of its clinching games in the play-off on the road so fans are ready to see a championship won right here. let's go to newschannel5 anchor corrina pysa live at progressive field. corrina, this is the calm before the storm! >> reporter: yes. absolutely, terrence. that is one way of putting it. the entire city getting behind
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that includes our championship cleveland cavs, actually moving up their home game tonight so fans can watch the indians and root for the home team. the odds in our favor here. the cubs trying to become the sixth team in baseball history to overcome a 3-1 series deaf sit so our meg shaw is down on the field. she is looking more into tonight's game. the indians turning tonight to the unlikely post season hero. >> reporter: yes. what a night josh tomlin, coming off the incredible game he pitched in game three at wrigley field in chicago in front of his ailing father. now he is looking to lead the team to the first world series title in 68 years. the 32-year-old is going on three days rest compared to the normal five.
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tomlin says the key is listening to his body on days like this. from the start of the post season the guys say it is just another game on the schedule but now one win away from the title, here is somewhat tomlin says about treating this game any differently. >> i know the atmosphere of this game is not the same but it is still 60 feet 9 inches, 90 feet to 1st baseman. it is still baseball. whatever the umpire says, play ball, that is how you treat it. >> reporter: this is not just another game for fans. the cubs are starting their pitcher, jake arrieta. the first pitch is tonight at 8:08. let's hope we are partying like it is 1948. live at progressive, meg shaw, newschannel5. >> speaking of 1948, hoping to bring a little extra luck to the indians tonight. eddie robinson, remember we
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he is the last living member interest the cleveland world series team, the 1948 champions. he is 95 years old thousand now, heading to progressive field from fort worth, texas, hopefully to witness the indians win their first championship in 68 years. ticket prices dropping a little bit. last night we could not find anything lower than $800. this morning we found tickets on stubhub a little easier on the wallet. if the world series goes to game seven, those tickets will cost you even more. they are starting at about $1,200 and going as high as nearly $9,000. this is crazy! and let's talk about those ticket prices going down, but the coast for the hotel room through the -- cost for a hotel room through the roof. reports last year the average room rate for the first tuesday in november was $129.
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times that. if you want to stay at the downtown hilton, for example, that will cost you almost $650 a night. $6 to at the intercontinental and $800 at the courtyard marriott at university circle. now back to you inside. kristin, you have more on the parking restrictions and everything people need to know if they are heading down tonight. >> yes, corrina. a lot to get to. ye drop off in certain locations. these red lines are where you cannot park. they go from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. that is the case around the q, around progressive field. noon to 2:00 a.m., parts of east 9th, parts of huron, ontario, prospect. the entire list is on my facebook and twitter pages. make sure you follow me there. let's get to the vehicle drop off location. west port huron road , carnegie to superior is where
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progressive field or the q. do not do that either. breaking overnight from the live desk, a man found with a gunshot wound in front of the jane adams business career center on cleveland's east side. he was alert and talking when he was taken to yourself h. we are making -- to uh. we are working to find out if there are changes in his condition and if there were arrests made. police chase on case court. we found damage on one cruiser. we are working to get information on this story from investigators. it is impossible to explain why one innocent toddler is shot. a little girl, 19-month-old, got caught in the cross fire, shot as she sat riding in a car with a 19-year-old man. the bullet crazed his shoulder and the teen was shot in the chest. we will update you as soon as
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conditions. someone from another vehicle, police say, fired the shots. right now they are trying to find the shooters. a security guard was robbed and shot on his way to work. you can see the police in front of the family dollar at miles and east 131st last night. thankfully the guard had on his bullet-proof vest and was not hurt. 5:37 is the time right now. up next, the city of champions. the elite list of cities cleveland could join with an indians win tonight. >> classic! >> and new dangers we have to talk about with the zika virus. how could it impact couples trying to start a family. we will have those details coming up.
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we are 19 minutes in front of 6:00. highs will in the for november 1st. sunshines and a few clouds, breezy out of the south. middle 60s already by the lunch hour and middle 70s by 2:00 to 4:00. kristin? a nice calm, comfortable commute in the newschannel5 trafficer in. we are watching the traffic for you. no issues. we will double check on the drive time in a bit. >> also coming up, new technology. new tool the if any is using to sort through all the newly found hillary clinton emails
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before election day? then the voice of a killer. the chilling new 9-1-1 calls from the shooter from the pulse
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i am following a search? the dayton area for a man police are calling armed and dangerous. a woman was killed and another hit. here is more. whio reports two officers and a suspect started shooting at each other. a woman was killed in the cross fire. it is unclear who exactly fired the deadly shot. the offer hit is in stable condition -- officer hit is in stable condition. the search is on for the suspect. we will keep just one week before you go to the polls the fbi is investigating another round of hillary clinton's emails. it is using special technology to do it. the special software sift through thousands of emails and isolate only those relevant. it is looking for classified information. it is a process that likely won't be resolved until after the election. >> we are in a very unusual situation. it may be in order to protect the integrity of this election,
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else about what is in relation to this investigation. >> the clinton campaign remains defiant and says there won't be anything damaging in this latest review. clinton is even calling for more information about the emails to be leleaseed to the public -- to be released to the public. a quick reminder, today is the first day you can sign up for health insurance if you don't have it. be mindful, many insurers backed you out this year. conversation next year is november 15th. a chilling look at the chaos of the pulse nightclub shooting. a judge looking at 9-1-1 calls of the shooter, omar mateen could be released to the public. his transcripts are out there. he first called police admitting to the shooting. a negotiator called and talked to matine three times. >> this is orlando police.
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>> you are speaking with the person that pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> can you tell me where you are right now. >> no, because i have to tell america to stop burning syria and iraq. they are killing a lot of innocent people. you get what i am saying? >> the negotiator stayed calm talking to mateen while police worked to save hostages in the building. others were hurt. in investigation into the attack is still ongoing. bill cosby returns to court today in the latest attempt to get the sexual charges against him dismissed. his accuser's memories are unreliable and his attorneys want them to take competency and memory takes. the actor is said to be legally blind and unable to recognize his accusers. bill cosby's trial is set to
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researchers are warning men the zika virus could cause infertility. it sharply uses sperm counts. the research has only been done on mice but it is still alarming, folks. doctors want to find out if it affects men the same way. the time is 5:48. we are taking a live look outside in cleveland. we are getting ready for a big sport's night. so, jd rudd is the forecast th a grand slam home run forecast! the fact that we are playing baseball the 1st of november in cleveland in and of itself tells you the good things happening. today 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. this is almost like a heat wave. it is novemberment a little cloud cover going on. that is it with the clouds. no rain. we should stay dry today and tomorrow before things start to
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the area. everybody is in the 40s by and large. there are 50s still working their way in from the west. these temperatures will continue to creep more to the east as the day goes on as the warmer air slides its way in. so, as you make the slide of your way out to progressive field tonight for the all- important game six, 70s for first pitch. 68 at 9:30 and 67 still at around 10:30. it will be a beautiful evening to let me walk you through things here hour-by-hour. temperatures, clouds and rain all showing up, if there were rain and there won't be. 62 by 11:00 this morning. head to the afternoon. the values jumping up to the 70s for today. a beautiful start to our month. then, of course, this evening once the sun goes down the temperatures relax a little bit. we don't fall too far overnight to tomorrow. we will stay in the 60s overnight tonight.
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the upper 50s. unseasonal warm. we will do it all over again for tomorrow. so, the forecast highs across the area for today, we may touch the 80 degrees mark briefly in the far western counties today. most of news the mid to upper 70s. 74 akron, 75 in cantonment the only small issue today, a little south breeze at around 10 to 25 miles per hour. otherwise enjoy this beautiful tuesday. kristin? a reminder that badgley road will be closed from usher to columbia. the start time is 7:00 a.m. this morning. they are doing bridge repair work. follow the detour signs in that north olmstead area. north 71 looking good. fulton to 90 clocking in a three minute commute, 63 miles per hour for your average speed. yesterday we were clocking cars going 70. not a good idea. they are definitely out there.
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let's look at the odot view of 90 and columbia. east and westbound lanes looking good. the eastbound lanes getting busier. i will have another traffic check in a few minutes. well, no one parties like cleveland parties! we are learning that this summer with the cavs and now we are just one win away from another downtown party! newschannel5's corrina pysa is corrina, both teams are coming together to give fans one incredible sport's night. >> reporter: absolutely, terrence, in a very big way here. it looks like one of the indians biggest supporters may be the cavs owner dan gilbert. he is putting the indians above the team he owns tonight. he helped move the start of the game tonight against the houston rockets to 6:00 p.m. instead of 7:00.
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now you can see both. with the indians win tonight, they would join a short list of cities that won multiple major pro sports titles in the same sport's year. this has only happened ten times. the last to do it was los angeles in 1988 when the dodgers and lakers east won titles. new york, baltimore, detroit and pittsburgh are cities that have also done it. the boston red sox and new england patriots won in 2004, but the patriots are not they technically call the city of foxboro home. an honorable mention for them. i don't want to jinx the tribe here, but after hosting 1.3 million fans downtown after the cavs won for the huge victory parade, the city knows a lot of plans needs to be done to get this just right so we went to city hall to find out what is being done to get ready for the outcome we are all hoping for here.
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they are ready for anything and everything. the councilman says there were things to be learned from the cavs experience. that includes more barricades, rest stops and preparing downtown stores better. kristin and terrence, i want to head back inside to you. let's talk about the cavs ai fun. >> yes. this is a party we all would have liked to have gotten an invite to. lebron james halloween bash went down this weekend and it looks like it was a party set for champions. >> king james dressed as jer afro-american the 90s tv show martin and his wife went as the joker. pretty cool there. and look at the superhero theme, the storm and black
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kevin love and his partner won the costume contest, lloyd and harold from dumb dumb & dumber. that is great! love that one. >> perfect. up next, do you work downtown but live somewhere else? the new ballot measure that could impact raising your taxes. people in cleveland only get to weigh in on it, though. >> and a amazing if are dead days after crashing his car, who came to the rescue to save his life? we will see you back here in 60
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good morning, cleveland, good morning indians fans. temperatures will be in the 60s to around 70 during the game. it will be dry. the wind is blowing out toward center out of the south at 10
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tomorrow. check this out. 76 for the high temperature. of course, it is short-lived. change comes our way for thursday. a cold front dropping temperatures and giving us a good chance for rain. >> all right, jd. the highways are running fine. watching the traffic map, no issues for awe along the shoreway. let's talk about the previous closures with reno longer dealing with. the 49th street bridge over the shoreway, that opened yesterday morning. lake avenue, the on-ramp to the east shoreway the drive into the city looks good. no delays to talk about. the northbound lanes fulton to 90 still a three minute commute. let's pull up all the different cameras, all flowing just fine. a former euclid middle school basketball coach is charged with several counts of sexual misconduct and will be in court today. he is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14- year-old girl last year. at about the same time he
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system. >> we are taking a closer look at the issues as election day approaches. voters in cleveland will decide whether to improve an income tax psychiatries. issue 32 doesn't just officer cleveland residents but anyone that works in the city. if you make $50,000 a year, to put this in perspective, you will pay an extra $250. an ohio man was able to survive for days after being trapped in a serious car crash. >> the driver was found days after this accident. a dead deer on the road led highway workers to a car hidden in the woods. the car missed a curb, hit a tree and landed in a digit. the investigators say he was alert when he was taken to the hospital despite being trapped in the car for days. >> oh, my goodness. well, next, screening passengers. who is having to wait longer
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